I’ll be Your Moon!

Not the Sun, I will be your moon..

No matter how far I stay, I’ll spare no effort to illuminate your path. Even during the darkest hours.
No matter how bright he keeps you every day, you’ll find me reaching out to your window. To make sure you’re peacefully dreaming.. about him, perhaps?
No matter how much you prefer him over me, I’ll loyally return every night, inaudibly craving for your love.
No matter how much you keep turning away from me, a bit of me will still peek in to adore you.
But remember, once you face away completely, no matter how beaming you both are, he’ll eventually leave you at some point.
With increasing darkness, you’ll finally miss Mr. Moon! And this idiot of me will come back. To brighten up your atmosphere.

No matter what, I’ll be Your Moon. But will You be My Earth?




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