Depth in DMs?


I confess I’ve been lost somewhere away from my blog.

Social Media is an addictive boon. As long as it’s under your control, you’re fine. But once it starts controlling you, dude, you better run!

Exactly the case with me.

My blog asked for some attention after I deactivated my social media accounts, and voila here I am.

Also, you’ll be delighted (well, maybe) to know that I’m engaged in a psychological thriller, which is going to be my first novel (hopefully)! It should be out before this winter arrives.

So, since I can’t reveal even a single word from the book, and that all of my creativity is being shoved into it, I thought of sharing some conversation pieces with you people!

Yes, the Instagram DMs.

Maybe it’s only me who finds them to be something more than just exchange of emotions, maybe you’d too.

Scroll and Check!





1. ..In conversation with a friend who’s heart is stuck on one memory, the kind that gives you company till the coffin.

Fade Away?





2. ..In conversation with a friend, explaining how ‘warm’ and near to perfect is the cold season.

Winters are Warm.





3. ..In conversation with a friend who’s ready to avoid the truth out of honest affection for the lie.

Can’t hide behind this lie any longer.





4. ..In conversation with a special friend, an attempt to bring a special smile to wipe the tears.

The Best Part!





5. ..In conversation with a friend, revealing a secret desire I usually keep buried deep inside.

Dreaming to Disconnect





6. ..In conversation with a friend who was upset about not making the most of a special moment, helping her see how special a moment they shared.

A Silence of Love?





7. ..In conversation with a friend, elaborating the fact that not every ‘right’ we commit is miles from the ‘wrong’ the rest see.

My Rights Wrong Me






Found just these seven worth sharing pieces.

Stay Tuned, more visual write-ups to be updated soon!

CONFESSION – The Weeknd is an idol.


2 thoughts on “Depth in DMs?

  1. I’m extremely glad to hear that you’ve embarked on the journey of writing a novel. Trust me, you’re gonna have a lot of fun. Keep following your heart and don’t let anyone tell you any different. And if there’s anything I want to convey to you (and by no means I presume you don’t already know it), is that respect extroverts and introverts, scholars and millennials, saints and savages, lovers and avengers, the idiot’s intellect and the genius’s naivety, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Agnostics, Atheists, Alien worshippers and everything in between. The world is a rich tapestry of characters and they’re the ones who will decorate your story and drive it forward. Give characters precedence over plot. And no matter what, finish that damn book.
    Good luck!

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